Futurist Views: #C2C – Citizen to Citizen – Hashtag Activism Is Coming



Hashtag activism is the use of hashtags for protest or supporting a cause through the usage of social media outlets. #C2C is hashtag activism further supported by Altruesoft ®  leading-edge citizen perpetrator reporting and tracking software working in unison with Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) thus making communication , information, and evidence readily available and efficient.

This process is known as internet activism, digital campaigning, cyber-activism, e-campaigning, and works phenomenally well at creating social awareness, advocacy and public mobilization, and can evoke rapid legislative changes when adopted by target activists, organizations and netizens.

The #Metoo hashing activism model was effectively used against sexual assault proving that the internet, where individuals may feel comfortable talking about controversial topics.  #Metoo brought widespread attention to sexual assault and caused much controversy about changes that should be made accordingly. #C2C will do the same.

#C2C’s aim is similar but with a more expansive reach focusing on key vulnerable person populations: 1) elder abuse, 2) domestic violence, 3) child abuse 4) all person affected by abusive persons including 5) those responsible for white collar-crime (fraud), malpractice,  business, professional and facility violations. According to the Institute for Politics, Democracy & the Internet, what they call “Online Political Citizens” (OPCs) are “seven times more likely than average citizens to serve as opinion leaders among their friends, relatives and colleagues.

The Altruesoft ® software suite’s direct evidence documentation and citizen-to-citizen (#C2C) reporting platforms provide the perfect solution for verifiable whistle-blowing, citizen policing, civic accountability tracking, compliance reporting and perpetrator profiling through; direct victim testimony, field-data gathering, crowd-sourcing, AI algorithm source retrieval, repository analysis, “repeating pattern” research, litigation evidence and public safety geolocation alert systems.