Altuesoft ® Develops and Delivers Humanitarian Software & Relevant Education; Altruism Coding & Data Science for Societal Evolution.

Purpose: Data-gathering and  behavioral tagging & filtering display for Geo-spatial data analysis of regulatory code violations.

Methodology: Vertical integration behavioral mapping utilizing cross-discipline code pairing model.


The societal impact of complex quantitative & qualitiative data integration and pairing with; 1)  established profession & legal regulatory coding models where each integrates inherit human social behaviors with 2) technology, machine learning and intuitive communication interfacing between each.  The goals and promise are far reaching. Practical applications have proven the methodology is attainable because they are functioning online currently ─ meaning Altruesoft ® technology directed by citizens actively engaged in governing accountability is poised to create a social computing phenomenon dependent upon public adoption. 

Altruesoft ® technology is revolutionary in the sense that it will define a new era in computing and investigative research, data driven science, regulatory code pairing, industry compliance, citizen altruism focused towards the well-being of their communities and civic accountability.  Altruesoft ® software provides substantial streamlined efficiencies for both citizen action groups & those organizations entrusted with serving public safety and justice. Moreover, this visionary software will provide a public service in sectors that are severely under-served, or willfully manipulated due to lack of verifiable data science and thus desperately in need of effective regulatory mechanisms.

Investors Prospectus

For more information on how and why the vertical integration concepts working in tandem with cross-disciple code pairing works,  Altruesoft ® technology and investment opportunities request an Investors Prospectus here.


The overview below describes a partial historical overview to provide the evolutionary base concept of Altruesoft ® Technology.  The following description is limited due to information restraints unique to propriety methodology and technology.

1986: Altruesoft ® Inc.  founder Rob McKenna begins working as a Digital Data Technician for progressive government and private sector funded technology company;  Dataspan, Inc. in Calgary Alberta. Dataspan is global leading company in digital data map conversion and developers of ALF, software that aids conversion of high resolution paper maps into digital data formats under the UTM protocol the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) conformal projection uses a 2-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system to give locations on the surface of the Earth. The companies software development ideas and processes are exchanged between data technicians and software engineers on a new medium known as electronic mail (email) and transmitted through the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET) which was later coined the world wide web in 1991. The term internet to describe this network also became popular. 

1988: Vertical Integration of unique but shared attribute data concept is conceived by Digital Data Technician, Rob McKenna. Purpose being to streamline geographical information system (GIS) attribute tagging process and increase data tagging accuracy of diverse but complementary data sets by 100 %. The process is programmed into Dataspan’s ALF software to function as a vertically layered data-tagging methodology for unique data attributes that share the exact same Geo-spatial coordinates (data-code pairing). This information tagging methodology allowed the UTM coordinates; each with diverse attributes to share the same geolocation coordinates. The multilayered, shared coordinate to diverse attribute coding process allowed for directly accurate multi-functional  mapping protocols and commands to be precisely executed through the UTM software utility tool.   

The vertical integration of paired datasets represented as unified geospatial code conceived by Altruesoft founder is hard coded in UNIX by Dataspan, Inc.’s DDC supervisor Darren Pearson and added into ALF, the GIS software that was in ongoing development by several assisting software engineers at Dataspan, Inc.  Primary clients of Dataspan software’s products and end-result services consisted of the US Military, US Government, Canadian Government and global private sector Oil, Gas conglomerates and their aligned survey companies. This technology is now the main stay in the GIS industry driving all digital mapping systems globally. Additionally, Dataspan was one of a small group of founding companies that were the forerunners of today’s character recognition and the GIS mapping systems that all current computer users interface with on a daily bases. In all likelihood you already use the vertical integration and data-attribute code pairing methodology whenever you interface with GIS technology. For most computer users across the globe this occurs on a daily basis.

1994-96: Dataspan Inc., technology is sold/bought out by various private sector, government and oil sector conglomerates.

1997-98:  Altruesoft ® Inc.,  founder’s experience developing vertical integration GIS mapping protocols coupled with a Management &  Communications, Bachelor of Science Degree from Lewis-Clark State College and an Organizational Leadership  Master’s Degree from Gonzaga University culminating in thesis  “Transcending Conventionalism to Transform Communities”  set the foundation for the later commercial ventures.

The thesis focuses on the humanitarian aspects of Diverse Discipline Pairing Model (DDPM) and provided the foundation for what was to come in Altruesoft’s technology models for DDPM as base for humanity focused problem solving using public safety software tools. Specifically; computer enhanced problem solving empowered through the development of technically driven human to machine communication interfacing for purpose of citizen driven investigative research and data-sharing for purpose of developing citizen public safety policing solutions.

1999 – 2004: Systemic, Inc founded and under the direction of McKenna the corporation uses variation of vertical integration concept for the development of several related public-sourced software releases. Several of the concepts and graphic user interfaces became common features used by Google Maps, Facebook and other publicly held social media companies. The larger companies had no relationship with Systemic, Inc but had similar technical products and these firms being substantially larger and better funded were first to produce technology on commercially viable scale.

2005 – Present: New media marketing research & public relations agency; The  McKenna Agency, LLC  founded. Agency develops and markets technology related communications products and services for over 200 clients in many diverse business sectors ranging from single-owner businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Product and research service base for many of the agencies clients, public relations projects and marketing deliverables consist of the social and design aspects of layering diverse graphic user interface (GUI) information, market research, quantitative and qualitative data-sets by using principles of DDPM,  vertical integration, rapid adaptability content management and information architecture.

2018:  Altruesoft ® Inc. founded.  After 3 years of investigative field research and software R & D utilizing base concept of 1988’s layered ‘vertical Integration” model , DDPM human systems regulatory principles, complex spatial data-convergence in unison with the soon to be proprietary technology (see prospectus note below) a technology suite of synergistic public safety software tools is developed, Currently, these public safety software tool;  branded as VP Task Force ™  and being phased into the market as legal protocols and proprietary licensing allow.  

Utilizing expertise gained as a certified Saleslogix ® DBA, lead software developer utilizes Customer Relationship Management (CRM) electronic cataloging capabilities to time and location stamp  event evidence obtained from Altruesoft ® investigative whistle-blowing mobile applications, to be further analyzed in Aegis Reports ™  with content provided by direct user testimony, AI machine learning feedback loops, crowd-soured  geospatial event attribute tagging based upon  proximity based map alerts, crypto secured researcher triggered data-rely mobile applications & storage devices with all data-converge occurring in centralized database on cloud research & analysis repositories interfaced via advocate content management systems (CMS). A process that creates enormous potential for verifiable “big-data” qualitative data analysis.

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