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Our mission is to develop and promote civic accountability & Citizen-to-Citizen public safety reporting technology. This includes educating the public on how to research, investigate corruption, inform one another and civic institutions of violations, fraud, abuse and perpetrator alerts of those whom present a public safety risk by their repeated exploitation of vulnerable persons as well as taxpayers. This includes all citizens whom are subject to fraud, abuse, harassment, bullying, malpractice, business, professional and facility standards violations. Nonprofits and any organization whose mission it is to provide public safety resources can customize the educational, documenting, reporting, mapping, and tracking software, as well as the mobile apps to adapt to their specific purpose and branding via licensing agreements and use this technology and public alert system for their enterprises grant proposals.

VP Task Force

Synergistic software suite where each component "works together" to document, investigate, profile, and track fraud and abuse related events. This includes white-collar civil violations, affinity crimes, facility, business and professional standards violations.

Citizen Safety Maps

Proximity-based tactical alert mapping system consisting of citizen reported abuse, white-collar fraud or related threats. Each tracking event identifies professional ethics, facility standards, civil breaches, fraud related crimes and collusion as defined by Federal Acts & Statutory Law.

Aegis Reports

Aegis Reports is a quantitative & qualitative analysis reporting and diagram system. The “matter of fact” & “matter of law” documentation process cross-references fact based events with the numerous Federal Act, statutory law, CFR, FTC, SSA, IRS, CMS and related public safety codes.

Sherlock AI

Sherlock AI is a researcher trained, data-curating detective. As a machine learning assistant Sherlock AI is instructed to seek public data then rank the returned queries to narrow relevance via feedback loops. This tool is most effectively used in tandem with public safety campaigns.


The WhistleField mobile app(s) whistle-blowing, field-data convergence system time and location stamps evidence. Evidence can consist of audio &
video recordings, scanned documents, and photographs. This direct evidence leveraged with WhistleCloud’s educational research data repository, crowd-sourced map profiles, citizens database, Aegis Reports quantitative & qualitative data analysis, researcher’s aided with Sherlock AI curated public data, first-hand eye-witness accounts, and additional verifiable records or testimony.


The WhistleField ™ mobile apps field-data convergence system leveraged with WhistleCloud’s password secured education & research data repository provide: 1) crowd-sourced API map profiles, 2) nationwide citizen controlled perpetrator events database, 3) Aegis Reports quantitative & qualitative data analysis, and 5) researcher’s aided with Sherlock AI curated public data. This support evidence with first-hand witness accounts provide extensive means for cross-analysis to track repeating perpetrator behavior and forecast trends.


This very unique Whistle can be customized for investigators, journalists, non-profits, policy makers and law enforcement so each can have private data access & relevant Cloud triggered updates. Moreover, the WhistleDrive ™ itself can be custom branded and cyptosecured for each affiliated nonprofit organization or those government agency's whose public entrusted responsibility is to stop abuse, track exploitation, fraud, negligence, malpractice, negligence, business and facility violations.

Journal Reporter

Citizen to Citizen Journal Publications & RSS Feeds.
All true stories of real corruption, fraud and abuse supported by direct evidence gathered by Altruesoft technology platforms. Reporter content includes direct victim accounts, advocate testimony, publicly accessible information, and verifiable sourced data. Citizen Journal Reports are free for public distribution under creative common licence. Citizen Journal reporter website technology and the sites contents, blogs and pdfs are available for cloning and redistribution.

Current Enterprizes Using Altruesoft Technology.

Custom developed & branded nonprofit technology, reporting and marketing kits.

Citizen to Citizen (#C2C) Blog & RSS Feed.

Once a person rises above the helplessness phase then the abused and exploited victim often make the most effective advocates for change,

Futurist Views: #C2C – Citizen to Citizen – Hashtag Activism Is Coming



Hashtag activism is the use of hashtags for protest or supporting a cause through the usage of social media outlets. #C2C is hashtag activism further supported by Altruesoft ®  leading-edge citizen perpetrator reporting and tracking software working in unison with Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) thus making communication , information, and evidence readily available and efficient.

This process is known as internet activism, digital campaigning, cyber-activism, e-campaigning, and works phenomenally well at creating social awareness, advocacy and public mobilization, and can evoke rapid legislative changes when adopted by target activists, organizations and netizens.

The #Metoo hashing activism model was effectively used against sexual assault proving that the internet, where individuals may feel comfortable talking about controversial topics.  #Metoo brought widespread attention to sexual assault and caused much controversy about changes that should be made accordingly. #C2C will do the same.

#C2C’s aim is similar but with a more expansive reach focusing on key vulnerable person populations: 1) elder abuse, 2) domestic violence, 3) child abuse 4) all person affected by abusive persons including 5) those responsible for white collar-crime (fraud), malpractice,  business, professional and facility violations. According to the Institute for Politics, Democracy & the Internet, what they call “Online Political Citizens” (OPCs) are “seven times more likely than average citizens to serve as opinion leaders among their friends, relatives and colleagues.

The Altruesoft ® software suite’s direct evidence documentation and citizen-to-citizen (#C2C) reporting platforms provide the perfect solution for verifiable whistle-blowing, citizen policing, civic accountability tracking, compliance reporting and perpetrator profiling through; direct victim testimony, field-data gathering, crowd-sourcing, AI algorithm source retrieval, repository analysis, “repeating pattern” research, litigation evidence and public safety geolocation alert systems.

The public can unite to stand up to bullies.

The public united as a group can be mobilized via social media and related technology and coordinated into action. For this to happen  a spark is required—a single person standing up loudly and firmly against the action of a bully. Where such sparks go wrong, though, is in standing up against the bully himself. This simply provides the bully a second lone target. Instead, when observing bullying behavior, a better strategy might be to initiate a reaction in other observers to quickly form a vocal group consensus. With others behind you, then, you present the bully with too many targets to manage. Like an alcoholic facing a group intervention, the likelihood of changing the bully’s behavior increases dramatically.

This same principle applies in the adult world as well. Though childhood bullies can outgrow their bullying ways, many times they don’t, growing into adults who bully not with their fists but with their words. Standing up to adult bullies, however, may be hard in a different way (for example, the bully against whom we must stand may be someone in authority, like our boss, and standing up to them may risk more than just more bullying)—but the principle remains the same: find the bully’s peer group and enlist them in creating disapproving public opinion.

It remains all too easy in life when we aren’t the victim of bullying or abuse to tell ourselves another person’s suffering isn’t our problem. But whether we recognize it or not, we stand or fall together. For what isn’t our personal problem today may easily become so (or become the problem of someone we love) tomorrow. The power inherent in groups is both enormous and something any one of us can trigger. It’s something we don’t hesitate to use for selfish reasons. Why then shouldn’t we trigger it for selfless ones too?


Dr. Lickerman’s book The Undefeated Mind (link is external) will be published in late 2012.


Notable Observations On Software and National Whistle-blowing Trend to Report Fraud & Abuse.